Published: 17 April 2023


When children are worried about something it can be really hard for them to explain how they are feeling. Your child may have a change in behaviour which could be their way of trying to tell you something is wrong or that they aren’t feeling happy. As a parent or carer this can be difficult to understand what is happening and how best to deal with it.

What are the signs?

Here are some of the signs of worry:

  • changes to appetite or sleep pattern
  • more clingy, tearful or irritable
  • more frequent visits to the toilet
  • feeling unwell or having tummy ache more often
  • lots of negative thoughts and worrying more often
  • difficulty concentrating
  • having bad dreams and or wetting the bed

Ways to help your child

  • Ask your child how they are feeling, allow your child to ask questions and listen to their worries.
  • Keep routine and structure to your child’s day as much as possible to help them feel safe.
  • Ask for support.

Read more on the Doncaster Council supporting your child’s feelings page.