Published: 1 November 2022

Zone 5 to 19 is a service for Doncaster children, young people and families. It is delivered by a team of NHS professionals, who have lots of experience and expertise in all aspects of children and young people’s health and wellbeing.

Our team includes:

  • school nurses
  • substance misuse workers
  • contraception and sexual health nurses
  • youth and support workers

From an early age, we encourage the adoption of healthy habits, through education, advice and one to one support. We do this to try and prevent avoidable health problems and to give you the best possible start in life.

We seek to empower children and young people to make informed choices, when making decisions about their life.

When personal circumstances require more specialist or intensive support, we have the skills, knowledge and professional connections to ensure you get the help you need.

We do this by training our staff to the highest standard and by working in partnership with other health services and education providers. We have close links with social care and voluntary services to ensure that you are fully supported.

How can we help?

It is impossible to list all the things we can help with, but these are the things that Zone 5 to 19 commonly support with:

  • keeping healthy (physically and emotionally)
  • emotional wellbeing (dealing with life’s ups and downs, including problems with relationships, friendships, bereavement, parental divorce, bullying, self-harm and body image)
  • nutrition and staying active
  • contraception and sexual health
  • drugs and alcohol
  • smoking