Published: 1 November 2022

The school health profile provides schools with information on a range of services provided by Zone 5 to 19.

The aim of the school health profile is to identify the health needs of individuals and communities, developing programmes to address these needs in collaboration with other agencies.

Your profile is a working document updated throughout the academic year by the team and in partnership with your school.

Our team will share with you, public health data, themes and trends relevant to your school, and where it sits in the community and borough of Doncaster.

This will identify, inform and shape any support you may need to promote optimum health and wellbeing for students within the school and community setting.

We are commissioned by the local authority, public health improvement team. Together we encourage all schools to work in partnership with us to fulfil Healthy Learning Healthy Lives accreditation using the pupil lifestyle survey results and public health data.

In partnership with the local authority our ambition is for Doncaster to be the most child friendly borough, improving social mobility, enabling young people’s voices to be heard and improving resilience

The service will deliver an offer for 5 to 19 years olds based around 7 key service elements:

  1. health promotion and education
  2. support for educational settings
  3. screening and surveillance
  4. sexual health
  5. substance misuse
  6. emotional wellbeing and building capabilities
  7. safeguarding and vulnerable children

To enable us to create a unique health profile for your school, we encourage you to complete the pupil lifestyle survey to capture the voices of your students for them to express their own interpretation of what being healthy means to them.

Together with this information we can work toward school completing the Healthy Learning Health Lives accreditation.