Published: 17 April 2023

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a government work programme aimed at reducing childhood obesity. The results of the programme are used to inform and shape services locally and nationally.

When your child is in reception and in year 6, parents or carers will receive a letter from school, informing you that our service will be delivering the NCMP.

If you do not consent to your child being screened as part of the programme, it is important that you let school know and our single point of contact (0300 218 997) before the day of screening.

This is so that your child’s health records can be updated and ensures your child will not be screened.

A record of your child’s height, weight, vision and hearing will be completed as part of the school entry screening program by trained health professionals.

The measurements will take place in a private area in school, away from other pupils and the child will be asked to remove only their shoes and weighed in normal clothing.

All information and results will be treated confidentially. No child’s height or weight will be shared with your child, staff within school or any other children. All results are calculated using the NHS healthy weight calculator.

Routine data such as your child’s sex, address, postcode, ethnicity and date of birth will also be collected to help the NHS plan services for families.

You will receive the results of your child’s height and weight by post within 6 weeks of the measurements being taken, with additional information and advice around healthy lifestyle choices and the opportunity to work with us around any concerns you may have.