Published: 1 November 2022

Family moving on together is a whole family program designed to help parents, carers and children talk more openly about the effects of parents or carers drug and alcohol misuse in a safe space.

The program helps to develop tools and strategies to move forward in a positive way. During the sessions we explore your own thoughts and beliefs about drug and alcohol use, we look at how to communicate effectively as a family and how to make small but positive changes that have a big impact on you as a families

Family moving on together is designed for

  • Families where one or both parents or carers have experienced or are still experiencing difficulties with their drug and alcohol use
  • Have children in the family aged between 8 years and 18 years
  • Are motivated to make some small changes to improve their family life.

Those attending the group work must be free from drugs or alcohol during each session.

To find out more contact our team on 0300 021 8997